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Chuxing category APP development

Chuxing category APP (car-hailing category APP) development products as the main products of our company, we already have many successful cases to solve human transpotation needs with one click to order and get a car immediately. Basic business includes taxi, express, premier, pick up. Value-added service includes district car, designated driving, car rental, custom service.


Through the APP 'call a car' business, car-hailing platform release orders to call a car directly.


Integrate the traditional taxi industry and transform as new application.

Private hire vehicles

premier and express vehicles meet the travel demands of passengers. One click to order a special car for passengers.

Pick up

For existing taxis or private hire vehicles, launch a service of direct route line to the airport.

Designated driving

Release the designated driving demands and the designated driver will be available anytime.

Car rental

Open day rent/half-day car rental, offline store management, online booking, convenient traveling.

Local vehicles

For A to B city opening route, a variety of city routes will be opened.

Other chuxing business

Car booking, same-city special vehicle express delivery and other chuxing related services.

Multiple sides collaboration

  • Passenger side: business opening, car ordering
  • Driver side: take orders, serve passengers
  • Back-stage terminal: Passenger management, driver management, calling vehicles management, order management, message push,
  • message center, advertising management, points mall, coupon management, recharge management,
  • Withdrawal management, suggestion center, setting center, others.

Passenger side function technology

  • Service business type:
  • call a car  taxi  Private hire vehicles  pick up  designated driving  car rental  local vehicles 
  • other chuxing business
  • Main function:
  • estimate vehicle routes, time, number of people, car model, the fare discount, add tips, car-sharing,
  • send a message to driver,  trip sharing, emergency calling,  multiple payments, 
  • service comments,  customer complaints,  trip billing invoice,  personal information,  real-name authentication,  account recharge discounts
  • Personal trip records, development records, recharge records, exchange records etc.  advertising
  • Main technology:
  • location,  push,  statistics,  payment

Driver side function technology

  • Main function:
  • take or grab orders,  navigation route planning,   Follow the procedure to pick up the passengers and drive to destination, 
  • orders statistics, income statistics, withdraw recordes,  personal information,  notification announcement,  advertising
  • Main technology:
  • location,  push,  statistics,  road condition detection,

Product details-Interface display

  • Car-hailing function —
  • 1Select the type of vehicle
  • 2Confirm the vehicle information
  • 3Call the driver
  • 4Driver answering, estimate x minutes to reach to destination
  • 5Driver arrives to destination and waits passengers
  • 6Into the trip, real-time pricing、road detection
  • 7Trip sharing, emergency calling, complaints
  • 8arrive to destination, various ways to pay the fare
  • 9complete the payment and comment on driver's service