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Private cloud push

Based on the seven years of technology accumulation, company strives to build a platform for flexible access, stable and safe, second-level touch of promotion.
Push introduction Function introduction Technical advantages Application scenario Download SDK

Push introduction

Goushi professional mobile APP push platform, global database to establish a direct channel to communicate with users, Support for tens of billions of notifications/message push, actively initiate interaction with your users, send chat messages, calendar reminders, activity announcements, progress tips, dynamic updates and more, let users obtain relevant information in real time, effectively improve user activity and loyalty.

Function introduction

  • Custom push notifications

  • Categorizing target users

  • Highly efficient and stable

    Using the same architecture with mobile phone taobao, based on the high availability channel of Alibaba group. This channel daily message sent up to 3 billion, the current active use of the user up to 180 million.
  • Speed intervention

    Zero-minute speed access push service, which establishes a stable long connection with hundreds of millions of mobile smart terminals
  • Accurate touch

    Multi-dimensional transfer value information, send tens of billions of notices/messages every day, accurately reach target users
  • Flexcible server interface

    Open push ability, provide multiple language apis, including Java/PHP, business free integration
  • Operational data is fully monitored

    Zero-minute speed access push service, which establishes a stable long connection with hundreds of millions of mobile smart terminals

Technical advantages

Private deployment

For your APP, deploy private push channels, push messages are deployed independently

High-speed push

Based on the upgrade optimization of Goushi private cloud push, message can be reached the user in time, so that improve interaction with users.

Data encryption

Encrypting your APP, privacy message will not leak, safe and secure.

Application scenario

Push the message to any device in real time, and quickly push messages to millions of users, or one-to-one push real-time messages. For offline users, save offline messages, the next time the user goes online, make sure the message is served. Support Android background to maintain long connection, integrated IOS APNs.

E-commerce APP

Deliver targeted messages to users, including marketing campaigns, business alerts, and notification of interactive messages, to enhance user viscosity. For example, transaction News: After the success of the refund, the message will send to user, so that consumers know the progress of the transaction in real time. Logistics Assistant: Sellers send reminders when shipped, so that consumers do not take the initiative to access the transaction details, but also real-time access to trade progress.

News APP

The weather, alarm clock, friendship, research, interactive message and other information can be pushed to the user and become the user's close life assistant. Important information dynamic real-time control, can be delivered instantly, let users feel the product warmth.

Social APP

The chat messages are pushed to the user in time to build the chat scenes in the application. When the user is concerned about the content or activities are updated, they can no longer miss any important news。

Smart home APP

Send instructions to smart devices via a mobile push message channel, such as playing music, turning on the lights, etc.

Download SDK

According MQTT,WebSocket, protocol, support including Andriod/iOS mobile client, PHP server, JAVA server, Python server.

Update time: 2014-11-11

Andriod client

Update time:2014-11-11

iOS server

Update time: 2014-11-11

PHP server

Update time: 2014-11-11

Python server