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Intelligent control system

Start the smart home age

Smart home category APP development

The yizhi family APP is the home life APP development, provide convenient and efficient home living demands. One click to intelligent control electrical switch, security alarm, smart kitchen, property management etc. Smart home navigator, make your home life healthy, intelligent and more technical sense.

Intelligent control

Via APP to realize lighting control , TV control, air conditioning control, curtain control, floor heating control, etc.

Intelligent security

Infrared detector, smoke detection, gas alarm, overflow alarm and other one key alarm system

Intelligent kitchen

Record daily diet and exercise to remind you of the daily intake of nutrients needed

Visual doorbell

Through the doorbell we can see visitors and choose if we should open the door

Intelligent swimming pool

Show the current water temperature, one key water temperature adjustment

Convenient community

Provide property service, property payments, property warranty, public facilities, community announcements and other services

Zero distance

The latest developments of Community events are clear, release community posts, follow all of new topics

Voice control

Voice assistant, through voice control lighting. Find recent popular movies or music

Smart comfortable home life

  • Residential intelligent control, integrated personality demand, property management, security alarm, visual doorbell, voice control and community service. The perfect combination of intelligence and life brings you full enjoyment of life. To achieve fast and efficient value-added services and management, provide safe and comfortable home environment.

Intelligent control center

  • TV control, air conditioning control, electric heating control, curtain control, rice cooker
  • Lighting control: desk lamp, living room energy saving lamp, living room chandelier, toilet lights, door lights
  • Visual doorbell: bell hints, smart kitchen, smart swimming pool lane, voice control

Community service

  • Main functions: property fee, property service, community announcement, announcement facilities, property warranty
  • Paid services
  • The latest developments of Community events are clear, release community posts, follow all of new topics

Product details - Interface display

  • Comprehensive Functions——
  • 1Intelligent control of electrical switches
  • 2Intelligent security alarm, safe and efficient
  • 3Someone visiting, visual doorbell
  • 4Smart kitchen, bonus points for health
  • 5Smart swim lane, knows current water temperature, swimming distance and physical consumption
  • 6Property services, property warranties, community announcements, public facilities
  • 7Convenient and efficient voice control

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